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Airplane Footrest (Memory Foam) – Airplane Travel Accessories – Portable Travel Foot Hammock for Flight Bus Train Office Home – Reduce Swelling and Soreness by Angemay?

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10th Jun 2021

I’ve never had a complaint from the person in front of me, but I do try to set it up quickly and not mess with it or fidget too much once it’s in place. What usually happens is it I get it on the seat and get comfy and the person next to me asks, “What is that and where did you get it?!”

I have this one. $9.99 on Amazon.

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19th Jan 2022

I would honestly get a cheap canvas bag (tote or backpack) that’s as large and as light as possible. I pack a shit ton of stuff on my Korea plane trips just because it’s way too long and I like to bring things like neck pillows and hanging footrests (fuckin awesome if you have short legs). I really think it’s better to wait to get there first because it’s very easy to find cheap and cute bags everywhere, seriously cute clothes are just very easy to find even if you’re nowhere near a mall. For that price you could find 3 different bags that are comparable to that one. And to be absolutely honest I’m not sure the one that you picked out is necessarily going to be Korean style, if you want to dress more like locals once you’re there.