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AGPTEK LKV373A 1080P HDMI Extender 365ft/120M over Single Cat5 /Cat6 /Cat7 Ethernet Network and LAN Router/ Switcher for HD STB,DVD,PS3, etc Supports TCP/IP by Ethernet?

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30th Jan 2018


This seems perfect for what I need, there’s pictures of cables literally going through 3 switches. Might have to go with this

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9th Nov 2019

That’s seem exactly what I need. I’ve done a couple of searchs and I’ve found interesting stuff, but I miss the basic knowledge to do better Google queries. Do you know any multi-room Plex guide or project I can steal from?

I think these are example of what I need, but there’s no explanation on how to do it:


1) I think it’s using HDMI over Etherned extender (https://www.amazon.it/AGPtek-1080-HDMI-Ethernet-schermi/dp/B00TO8SX7G) to connect displays to the HDMI Matrix. Correct?

2) I don’t understand what’s the use of Control4 Controller.

This is another example I’ve found, I think it’s very similar:



Anyway all this stuff I’ve found seem overkill, overcomplicated and expensive.

3) What if I just run 2 Plex servers (so 2 people can watch 2 different contents at the same time), attach them to LAN and attach 2 Raspberries with Plex client to the displays in the kitchen and in the bedroom?

4) What about using Roku 4?

5) How can I stream audio only, to listen to music with displays turned off? So far I’ve found only this: https://iotsblog.wordpress.com/2016/02/25/wireless-streaming-vinyl-to-squeezebox/. I wonder if it can co-exist with the Plex infrastructure.