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28th Feb 2017

On Friday, I asked what headphones I should buy for running. I got a couple good suggestions, but ended up going Amazon Free Same-Day Delivery for /u/kmck96’s bone conduction headphones. They sit outside your ear and vibrate your ear bones so you hear it in your inner ear, while still allowing your eardrums to pick up outside sounds.

Oh. My. God. Half the reason I don’t run with headphones is because I like being aware of everything going on around me. This fixes that. (The other half is because it’s distracting and causes my pace to change, which made for an interesting long run.) But these headphones are unbelievable. If you’re into true music quality, eh, turns out base doesn’t vibrate through bone very well. But everything else about them is amazing. I’m still gushing.

So what podcasts should I listen to today? I already listen to House of Run (I’ve started to like it more), How Did This Get Made?, Anna Faris is Unqualified, and Radiolab.

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26th Feb 2018

I know I just asked a question, but I have another.

I’m just starting to really get into running, I started a little over a year ago, but now I’m wanting to be competitive in races.

What equipment should I own?

So far things I’ve bought for running are:

The things I know I still need and plan on purchasing on amazon today:

  • A Foam Roller (god I’m sore)

  • Compression socks & Balega 8924 Ultralight Athletic Running Socks

  • An armband for my phone.

Any other essential items or even just frivolous items I should consider?


Edit: Thanks for the replies. I will purchase the belt (reflective too) instead of the arm band. Also glad to know decent socks are worth it. Probably won’t worry about any type of watch or moniter, maybe in the future.
And I’ll pass on the stick today but keep it in mind for later.

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4th May 2018

> Situational awareness is key, ditch the headphones

A really nice compromise I’ve found is using something like these conduction headphones. Can listen to music and still hear everything around you. Yes, you will be unlikely to hear anything when bombing down a mountain or riding along a highway, but they work well for me most of the time

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25th Dec 2016

After trying the Jaybirds X2, jabra, and plantronics they would all eventually start to fall or “come out” and not sit right, I followed the recommendation from another post and tried the Aftershockz titanium. It uses some kind of bone vibration sorcery and sits right on top of the cheekbone, so your ears are open to ambient noises and will never fall down, and at least for me, I think the sound transmission gets better with sweat!.

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23rd Jun 2016

Bone Conduction Earphones:

Amazon Link

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26th Feb 2017

I got literally nothing on the docket today, so probably gonna do my taxes or something adulty like that.

Long run yesterday went better than expected. I bought these bone conducting headphones on Friday after some suggestions from you guys (thank you Amazon Free Same-Day Delivery!) and they are, just, unbelievable. You can hear the podcast/music, and you’re surroundings, because they don’t go in your ears, just vibrate your inner ear bones. Also they stay on your head while running, which was my big issue.

Anyway, I ran out of podcasts about an hour and a half/two hours into the long run, and listened to music instead. I haven’t listened to music on a run in a long time, and I. Got. Pumped.

22 mile long run turned into a progression run as I was dancing through Central Park.

So today I’m gonna shake out a little, cuz this week of Pfitz looks tough, and I wasn’t supposed to go fast on that long run. I might regret that a little bit, we’ll see.

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2nd Aug 2019

Try these earbuds, they don’t go in your ear (use vibrations through your bones) and aren’t bulky at all


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29th Nov 2017

this is called bone conduction, which is and has been available in handsfree headphone format. Example: https://www.amazon.com/Aftershokz-AS600IG-Titanium-Conduction-Headphones/dp/B018XNGPD6

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4th Oct 2016

Could you wear wrap-behind ‘phones? These sit on your ear, not in it, and wrap behind your head:


Some other bone conduction models might also work. I believe there are also dictation-style headphones that hang down below your chin, if that helps.

(It appears you may have meant to include a link or image possibly that wasn’t included… “these were the only decent…”.)

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9th Feb 2016

Not buds / in-ears, but for running, I recently got my fiancee Aftershokz Trekz Titanium around the neck / bone conduction headphones. She absolutely loves them, and they are great for running, etc. They are not AptX and don’t sound as good as good in-ears, but they sound surprisingly good for the form factor / tech. Since buying those, I’ve discovered the KSCAT Nice5, which is quite similar, but supports AptX. I’m going to get those for myself.