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adidas Flat Bench?

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21st Jan 2015

I picked up this bench $80 (feels sturdy, I’m not a bench connoisseur)

and this rack $230 (it’s not too pretty, welds are uneven but it holds weight and I haven’t died yet)

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7th Sep 2012

There’s a price floor that you can’t really go below. It just costs a certain number of dollars for the raw materials and shipping, even if labor and complexity are minimized.

Here are the best deals I know of:


Power rack: PPR200X – $300

Barbell: Troy/USA Sports GOB-86 – about $100 shipped (search around for best deal)

Iron plates: Craigslist or local fitness stores (shipping makes online stores not very competitive, although occasionally you can find a deal). Don’t pay more than $1/lb. Brand doesn’t really matter. They’re just heavy round things.

Bumper plates: Troy VTX or Hi-Temp at fringesport.com, or Pendlay Econ V2 at pendlay.com