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Ader Leather Power Weight Lifting Belt- 4″ Black (Large 35-40″)?

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29th Mar 2018

Dude, just buy the belt. It has good reviews. I bought one in a similar price range off amazon and it’s been fine. The pointy front end is starting to peel but it’s taken me from like a 250 lb squat to a “380 for 8 reps” squat and it does the job well enough.

EDIT: Edited to be more accurate with my current strength levels.

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7th Jun 2017

Just get your own off amazon. I got mine for less than $50 and it holds up ok. Deadlifted 400 lbs for 10 reps on Monday in it.

or you can spend the money for a legit one. But I’m happy with my cheap one.

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9th Aug 2017

If you want to go cheap, I’ve used this one for several years now and I am now deadlifting “410 lbs for 10 reps” in it. Pretty happy with it. I just remember the belt was sorta stiff when I first got it and it needed a break in period.

When I get a new belt (even though mine is still working just fine) I will probably get an IPF approved one off the EliteFTS page.

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30th Jan 2015

I’m leaning to something like this

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22nd Jan 2018

I use this belt to squat like this (high bar and below parallel) and deadlift like this.