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Ader Leather Power Lifting Weight Belt- 4″ Black (X Small)?

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23rd May 2019

If you spent any time looking, Inzer is the best of the best with a 100+ price to boot. But if you’re on a budget like most people:

  1. Leather : you want it to last a long time

  2. 10mm at least, or the standard 13mm thickness. Belts that do not state thickness are like 3-7mm. Too thin to provide any real support.

  3. Non-Velcro. You want this thing corset-tight so velcro simply won’t stay tight.

  4. Buckle vs strap is just personal preference. If you choose buckle, get a single buckle. The double buckle is just a hassle to take on and off. ( I own a double buckle, it’s not horrible, but it’s an annoying chore to take on and off)

This is what I own for $45 and I love it. Make sure you size correctly.