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Ader Leather Power Lifting Belt Black (Medium) 28-35?

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11th Sep 2018

I’m a big fan of the belt I bought five years ago. It’s similar to this one.

The belts at mylocal sporting goods store felt too flimsy or weren’t good for lifting (thick in the back, thin in the front–you know the type) Try as many as you can before buying.

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18th Sep 2017

I do have a leather weightlifting belt but prefer not to use it. I would rather grow stronger slower than rely on it at the lighter weights I am currently lifting. If I ever get back to intermediate level/competitive numbers, I will consider using it. Until then, it’s breathing and bracing.


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29th Oct 2016

Quick question to those that have competed in USAPL. Would the following be approved or not for use in competition?

-APT Wrist Wraps

This belt

I’m thinking probably not, but I don’t want to buy new stuff if I don’t have to.

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19th Mar 2016

The quality of these belts don’t look too good and I have never heard of em before. http://www.amazon.com/Leather-Power-Weight-Lifting-Medium/dp/B0028H00HG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1458390267&sr=8-1&keywords=powerlifting+belt I HIGHLY recommend this one. Quality is great and price is almost the same as the ones you mentioned. Although I’ve only had it around 1 year I use 3-4 times a week and it has DEFINITELY held up

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12th Jan 2016

If you’re pretty serious about lifting and wanting to increase your strength, then I would recommend getting yourself a quality belt. I use a 4″ belt that isn’t tapered. I recommend not using a tapered belt, because front support is just as important as rear support. It’s not just for your lower back. A Proper belt gives your stomach something to push against when it’s full of air. The inward force of the belt pushes your gut against your spine to support it.

I just recently bought this belt and I love it.

If someone was wearing a squat suit and squatting 225, then that person is ignorant. Do you know if it was actually a squat suit or was it just a singlet? I’ve never seen anyone use a squat suit unless they’re squatting 1,000+ lbs.

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7th Jul 2015

>I’m only a poor student and not the strongest, so keep that in mind.

I bought this belt about 6 months ago, but for $50 I dont think you can beat it (for the price): Ader

Its held up very well, granted I only use it for my squat working sets and heavy DLs, fits well….maybe would’ve gotten single prong, but otherwise its doing its job.

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16th Nov 2017

It’s no Inzer, but I picked up this belt from Amazon early this year when I wanted to upgrade from my shitty Valeo belt and it works great.

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16th Jan 2017



Reebok Lite TR (flat sole powerlifting shoe)


Adidas Powerlift 3 Oly/squat shoes, 0.6" heel

You can get the 2’s and the originals for cheaper if you look around on the internet a little bit more.

Adidas "Adipower" Oly shoes, 0.75" heel

I’ve heard most people get these for closer to 80-90 dollars, but I don’t know where. Wei Rui is also a good brand for heeled Oly/squat shoes and come it a fair bit cheaper, but are not available on Amazon.

As for wraps and sleeves, I’ve no experience with them so I can’t help much.

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4th Apr 2016

I love that $100+ shoes and belts are considered “inexpensive” here…

For the poor guys like me, Wei-Rui shoes are great and cost $70.

Ader Belts are about $50 and do the job just fine!

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3rd Feb 2016

I bought this belt a year and a half ago, works great for me!

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20th Dec 2015

This is really helpful and thank you for the thorough reply!! I’m going to try this 4" and this one. But now that I’ve read your reply I may try a nylon alternative.

I wonder if the fuss about leather being necessary for powerlifting has to do with the very heavy weights that male lifters are encountering. If I were doing an 800lb deadlift, rather than 260, maybe I’d want something more substantial.

Sounds like I just need to test out a bunch of options and go with what feels right.