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ADATA SE800 1TB IP68 Rugged – Up to 1000 MB/s- SuperSpeed USB 3.2 Gen 2 USB-C External Portable SSD Black (ASE800-1TU32G2-CBK)?

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15th Nov 2020

What if it is an SSD? I purchased this one and wonder if it can perform decently?

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28th Jul 2020

I’m not sure what your budget is but I’ve got a 2019 model razer blade advanced with a 2070 max-q running arch and it’s fantastic. If you do go that route I highly suggest looking into fusuma for touchpad gestures cause it’s a waste of a beautiful touchpad otherwise imo. Runs most of my games really really well, I dual boot with windows for games that don’t work. That said, I made my windows partition super tiny and store all my games on this hooked up to the usb-c port and I haven’t noticed any speed disadvantages.

I’m not sure about system76 hardware, but if the laptop you choose has Nvidia Optimus graphics (like the blade), you might wanna go with something like Pop!_os (highly recommend, it’s simple for beginners but doesn’t feel neutered imo and has rly good Optimus integration iirc).

If that’s out of your price range or isn’t one you’re interested in feel free to let me know and I can look into other options for you, I’m weirdly passionate abt gaming laptops lol.

EDIT: I forgot to say what laptop I was talking about

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20th Oct 2021
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15th Oct 2020

If you dont have a SSD laying around, this is the best one to get

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14th Oct 2020

Best combo for Series X would be a high capacity HDD like this + an external SSD. I went with this one