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8th Oct 2020

You’re welcome! Here’s a link to the one I bought, forgot to link it before:


Regarding my GP, I think I’m lucky that I have a really lovely lady as my doctor. I made an appointment with her before the March lockdown and basically explained that I’m trans, that I fully intended to transition and that I’d already decided on going via the private route due to the extremely long NHS times. I’m not sure if she’s had other trans patients, but I live in Greater London and so GPs here might be more used to dealing with people like us.

I think what helped is that I showed her all the details of Dr Dundas and Dr Coxon from the GenderCare website, so she was able to see their credentials etc. She said she’d be fine with shared care, but would obviously need to check the prescriptions before approving them herself.

I hope it goes just as smoothly for you! ☺️

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2nd Sep 2017

Depends on your age?

You can effectively screen yourself quite cheap.

Buy a blood pressure monitor – A&D UA-611 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00JQ7SZLO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_9JXQzbHGQE1W0

Scales to work out your bmi and Google thrivia to get blood and cholesterol tests . Shoot me a pm of you want a money off code.

All the above will give a good idea of where your health is.

If it’s good then save your premiums instead of buying a policy. Seeing a consultant privately is cheap, even MRI is cheap, anything major won’t be but if it’s serious tje NHS will cover it and fast track you anyway.

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23rd Mar 2018

Does it need to be anything fancy? Or is this one fine?