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18th Jan 2021

I struggle with acne severely and spent approximately 30,000 US dollar within 5 years to try mediating it. All the chemical peels, lasers, antibiotics, micro-needling, micro-needling with radiotherapy, tons of facials, etc have helped tremendously with the acne and scars, but for some reasons, a bit of the really bad acne always comes back. All I could do when those things come back is repeating the cycle of spending money and waiting for my face to shed from the extensive therapy. But since I found this product 4 months ago, I have completely stopped doing all the crazy things. The great thing is that this product doesn’t overwork my skin, which is what I’ve been doing for so long. It moisturizes, kills the bacteria, opens pores and allows the skin to heal. It even works to flatten and brighten my keloid scar to some noticeable extent. My absolute favorite product! It takes time and consistent use to see result, but because it diminishes the inflammation (redness, pain, size) of the acne it allows me to develop good habit, which is the most essential step in taking care of my skin.

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