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ABKONCORE AR87 Mechanical Keyboard, CNC Full Aluminum Wired Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Blue Switches with Zipper Point, Dye Sublimated Keycaps, 100% Anti Ghosting, Side RGB LED Light, 6.8lbs?

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27th Sep 2020

In the past year or so I got into the keyboard hobby and have since been trying to convince my roommate to upgrade from his ~$50 keyboard to at least something with lubed stabs. I want to get him a solid board for Christmas/his birthday since they’re around the same time.

  • He’s told me TKL is his ideal layout, and he uses a full-sized right now. I want to stick with those layouts for now since he isn’t someone who would want to get used to something like a 65%
  • I’d like it to be a solid preferably aluminum build that he can use for a long time.
  • I am also looking for a board that is stocked and I can get off of Amazon, Banggood, KBDFans, etc. No GBs because there’s no way it’ll arrive on time.
  • Hot Swap is a plus, but I can’t imagine that he would take advantage of it much, so I don’t mind getting a pre-soldered board and replacing the switches.
  • A removable cable is also a plus since I’ve also gotten into cable making recently and would like to make a custom cable for him too.
  • RGB/backlighting also isn’t necessary but a plus as well
  • My budget is around $200 for the board, but I could go higher.

Right now I’m looking at the ABKONCORE AR87 and the Drop CTRL High-Profile.

The problem I have with the Drop CTRL is that it is a bit over my budget and I’ve heard a lot reviews about missed or double pressed keys especially on the barebones version, which is what I’d likely be getting.


Wanting to buy a nice Mech for my roommate with the following criteria:

Must Haves

  • Solid aluminum build
  • TKL or Full-Sized layout
  • In-stock board (No GBs)

Nice to Haves

  • Under $200
  • Removable Cable
  • RGB/Backlighting

Right now I’m leaning towards the AR87.
Does anyone have any other suggestions for me to look into?