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ABKO K965P V2 55g Capacitance Non-Contact Switch Keyboard Nkey-Rollover, Stabilizer, Waterproof, Cherry MX Profile, PBT KeyCap (English/Korean Layout)?

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1st Nov 2020

if you like browns or reds i would recommend going for this. this keyboard does not have cherry switches and use knockoffs of what are called topre switches, which are basically really really fancy rubber domes. i’m grossly oversimplifying here, you can read this article and watch this video for more info. this keyboard would be good for work because it’s insanely quiet and doesn’t sacrifice on feels at all. however if you want something with a more traditional mechanical experience then let me know and i’ll try to find something else. sadly there aren’t many options for full sizes besides the big gaming manufacturers and people like unicomp because most people are starting to downsize and move to a TKL or smaller layout.