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61 87 104 96 84 DSA Profile 9009 Dye Sub ANSI ISO AZERTY QWERTZ Spain UK French German Italian Keyset PBT Keycap for MX Keyboard (UK ISO Set)?

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21st Aug 2021

I have decided to do my first build, probably after watching a random YouTube video. I didn’t realise what a nightmare it would be to find a UK ISO keycap set! I’ve ordered all the parts that I think I’ll need (GMMK Pro ISO) and then I thought, I’ll leisurely look for a nice PBT double-shot, LED backlit keycap set, after all, this is what will make a keyboard look nice – I know, the switches are more important. I didn’t realise the nightmare I would face finding the correct keycaps for the case. I’ve been doing so many searches etc etc. I have finally found a couple of sets, although they are not backlit, but it looks like I’ll have to compromise if I want any keycaps at all. Here is what I have found so far:

Cherry Profile Botanical Dye Sub Keycaps and YMDK 143 DSA Dye Sub 9009 Retro PBT also on Amazon. Finally, simple Laser Etched UK Italian Spain German ISO OEM Profile

I’m going to have a bit more of a hunt around just in case I can find a backlit set. I wondered if I should buy the ANSI kit, but I’ll still have the problem of getting the “, £, @, # keys for a UK setup.

If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears.