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4×1 HDMI KVM Switch 4 Port Ultra HD [email protected], USB 2.0, HDCP 1.2, No Power Adapter Required, Support Wireless Input Device and Hotkey Switch, with 4 HDMI and USB Cables?

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4th Jan 2021

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Like many others, I’m currently working from home full time and have a single desk for both work & gaming. Currently I’m using a PWAY 4×1 KVM @30hz because I’m only using the single Dell monitor for light gaming & work. Once I get the MSI Optix @144hz refresh I would like to find a KVM or similar alternative that I can use for both my work & gaming computers that allows me to use a single mouse & keyboard where I can quickly swap between displays without having to unplug & replug HDMIs

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I’ve checked Amazon, NewEgg, Google, etc. and haven’t been able to find a KVM switch, or something that would solve this, that would allow me to support 144hz @1080p using the new monitor while having a second display port for both my work laptop & gaming computer.

Does anyone have any idea / products that would solve this problem? Thank you!!