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4WDKING Rechargeable Electrical Air Purifying, Reusable Portable Air Purifier with HEPA Filter for Sleeping Outdoor Sports Housework, Equipped with Extra 10 Pcs Replacement 5-Ply?

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24th Feb 2021

Mi pomogło to: https://www.amazon.com/4WDKING-Rechargeable-Electrical-Respirator-Replaceable/dp/B0861PTXCH/ref=sr_1_2 – ciągłe pompownie powietrza sprawia, że okulary się tak nie “pocą”

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22nd Sep 2020

Found it!

This one matches it exactly:


However the description of that one led me to the Amazon listing for the same thing, but it looks like the branding is a drop-ship sort of thing.


EDIT: fixed to use the Amazon Smile link