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4k HDMI KVM USB Extender,KVM Over IP Support Gigabit POE Network Switch up to 383ft Cat6 to HDMI Receiver,[email protected] USB 2.0 Low LANTENCY for EDID JPEG2000 Extender(shuone Transmitter and Receiver)(Grey)?

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17th Nov 2020

hello, so i have done this. I recommend hdmi kvm over IP instead of ethernet. Ethernet requires a single cable but IP can work over switches. You can also have multiple receivers so if you want to have things around the house.

If you dont have switches and will use just a signal ethernet then go with Hdmi over ethernet.

The reason you have issues with the steamlink hardware is that it is limited in its ethernet speeds. The port does not support full gigabit. You can try another device that has gigabit ethernet and steam link software if you want.