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4K HDMI KVM USB Extender Over Single Cat5e/6 up to 100M(328ft), KVM Extender Support [email protected], Plug & Play, Keyboard & Mouse Ethernet Network, Lossless-Near Zero Latency, 4 Ports USB2.0?

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7th Dec 2021
4K HDMI KVM USB Extender Over Single Cat5e/6 up t…$169.99$169.993.7/5.0


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26th Aug 2021

[I’m consolidating my response to both your comment above and your other comment in this reply.]

> Well, the reason I ask is because my previous solution for many years has been steam link. That is ran through Ethernet, the PC is not connected via HDMI to the tv.

Ah, I can see how that’s a confusing case. The Steam Link sends remote framebuffer data, which is a lot like video data but is encapsulated in a “computer-y” way and is therefore an ethernet thing instead of an HDMI thing. (Plus it’s bi-directional, sending user input back from the Steam Link to the PC.)

> Okay, so main reason I ask is simple. PC, NAS, TV will all be plugged into switch. I don’t plan on having PC anywhere near TV. I’ve used steam link for this before, but I think it’s 1080/60hz, which Ive been fine with till this upgrade. I’ve now read about CAT6, and seen that it can do like 10x more than 5e, and wondering if that would support a better connection that could do 4k/120hz like an HDMI 2.1. Or, should I run a long ass HDMI cable?

Basically, the Steam Link counts as a set-top box, so a more-capable replacement for it would also count as a set-top box and my previous “bottom line” recommendation still applies: The “normal” way to do it is to use ethernet from your PC or NAS to the set-top box (which is the device you’re plugging your game controller into instead of the Steam Link), then HDMI from that to the TV.

(What device are you planning to replace the Steam Link with, by the way?)

That said, you could do it the “weird” way using an HDMI + USB over ethernet extender (making your PC itself the “set top box”) using something like this, but I’m not suggesting it.

One consideration to choose between the two options is if you always want to use the TV to interface with the PC — as in, it’s the primary monitor, just really far away from the TV — or if you only sometimes want to play games and/or video remotely and otherwise want to use the PC as a normal desktop with a local monitor. “Always” leads to picking the HDMI-over-ethernet extender; “sometimes” leads to using a set-top box to run Steam Link software and media software that streams from the NAS.

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17th Nov 2020

Has anyone got experience with KVM over ethernet products like this? How is it for “normal” desktop usage and have you tried it for gaming at all?