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317857 Wireless Cat Ear Headphones (Color Changing)?

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6th Mar 2020

Brookstone used to make them actually. Now they’re going for quote a markup on Amazon. I had a pair but gave them away because they were really heavy and the sound quality wasn’t very good. They look really fun tho.

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16th Mar 2018

Hi everyone!

Just looking for some pointers, trying out an idea for the first time. Modifying a pair of headphones I already have, I’d like to make glowing ears on it similar to these , but with “jackal” ears instead.

I’d need to make said jackal ears, probably out of thin plastic so that the light can shine through fine- but is there a way to have it draw power from the existing USB on it, or make it wireless?

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24th Dec 2018

From what i can tell it depends on what country your in. I found them on both Amazon US (where I’m assuming you are) and Amazon UK (where i am)

US link

UK link

They say they’re from different companies but from what i can tell they’re the same headphones, just sold by a different name in different territories. If the UK ones can do international shipping id suggest going for those ones instead because the US ones are astronomically more expensive (although even the uk one is still very expensive). I was lucky enough to find mine sold as a broken pair in a pawn shop for cheap which i bought and then fixed.

You might also have some luck if you look on ebay and the likes if you want to maybe find them cheaper for second hand. Just look for “brookstone/axent wireless cat ears headphones”

Hope i could be of help!

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3rd Dec 2019
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3rd Jul 2017

a friend of mine bought those headphones for her daughter.