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30 Pieces Blindfold Eye Cover Sleep Mask for Games Party Sleeping Travel with Nose Pad and Adjustable Strap (Black)?

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19th May 2021

I have two

  1. Gatsby and the Great Race by Paul Fricker – this is an extremely difficult scenario to run because it requires 10+ players, 3+ keepers, and at least 2 separate rooms. It is a multitable scenario in which things done at each table affect the overall game state. Very well written and so much fun. Basically can only be played in a convention scenario. Decently beginner friendly to play but not at all to run.

  2. King from Cthulhu Brittanica by Keary Birch. It’s not the most satisfying investigatory scenario, but it begins with the characters blindfolded, and allows the wonderful (if everyone is into it) experience of having the players be blindfolded as well. This could be a good beginner’s scenario though because the investigation portion is super light and the scenario is mostly about atmosphere. Strong recommendation for including a trigger warning in the description and making the player wearing a blindfold part of it optional in case someone isn’t into that. I got this set of blindfolds on Amazon for $10, which is enough to run the scenario with a full 6 players five times.