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2-Port Dual Monitor KVM – HDMI + DisplayPort – 4K 60HZ – QHD 144HZ – Audio Output & USB Sharing – Multimedia & Gaming Keyboard Supported – HDK0402A1U?

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4th Jun 2021

> but there is none for displayport hdr and hdmi.

https://www.amazon.com/2-Port-Dual-Monitor-KVM-DisplayPort/dp/B0888V49FY does displayport HDR and hdmi. Doesn’t do 4k144 tho. It’ll do 4k60 and 1440p144. Idk of any switches that do 4k144. There are probably some out there, but they must be so ridiculously expensive…

As for cherry MX switches in a monitor? lol… how thick do you want your monitor and how big do you want the bevel? They don’t use those because size.