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138 Keys Set XDA Profile Custom Keycaps PBT Dye Sublimation ANSI Layout Keycaps Set for Gateron Kailh Cherry MX Switches Mechanical Gaming Keyboards (Milk Purple)?

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6th Feb 2022

Thanks to everyone in the sub for all the inspiration and making it easy to figure this out –

DZ65 RGB V3 hotswap

Tofu 65 aluminium, purple

Glorious Pandas


Durock v2

Krytox 205g0

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3rd Oct 2021

Sure, but they’re just some Amazon caps.

Here ya go: 138 Keys Set XDA Profile Custom… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B091GVGHGV?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

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31st Jul 2021

Puddings look nice, I do have a set somewhere that I got from AliExpress, they are not the greatest keycaps in the world, the plastic is a bit thin.


I’ve got a set of those which I was quite pleased with, but if you like the look of that set you linked you could go for those. Or Aliexpress has loads of options, only downside is the delivery time.

What keyboard are you going to put them on, some keyboards have slightly non standard layouts so you might need to get a set that has smaller windows keys or something else unusual.

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19th May 2021

Tested a lot on mine.
I can confirm, any set you can buy off Amazon fits and works just fine.
I’ll link my favorite sets that are high quality but affordable, and affordable keycap sets I own that worked fine.
A little more pricy’
UniCusMech XDA Milk Purple 134-Key
Gliging Sushi 135-Key (Cherry Profile)
Vanilla.Z Metropolis
Akko Macaw 157-Key (Cherry Profile)

‘A little more budget friendly’
LTC LavaCaps Chinese Green Reindeer (Thick PBT OEM Profile)
Gliging Sky Blue 104-Key (Thick PBT OEM Profile)
YMDK Blue Gradient 104-Key (Double Shot OEM Profile) – Personal favorite.
Bossi Spherical Purple 104-Key (GSA Profile Thick PBT)

Hopefully this gives anyone looking some options, on both the pricy and budget side of things.
There are a few super budgets I could’ve included, but super budget keycaps are very hit or miss. Though if you look hard enough, you can find some quality keycaps around the $9.99 to $12.00 range, some that may be one pure color but offer an awesome quality.