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129 Key red Samurai keycaps (Red Samurai)?

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15th Jul 2021

That’s actually a really good price for genuine GMK. Most sets run for well over $100 and are typically very hard to find. Here’s a Chinese knockoff that looks fairly similar https://www.amazon.com/Keycaps-Doubleshot-Profile-Mechanical-Keyboards/dp/B08RYWBBBC/ref=mp_s_a_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=gmk+red+samurai&qid=1626390959&sprefix=gmk+red&sr=8-6

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8th Jun 2021

If you don’t mind the lack of sublegends and you like PBT, these are a bargain. They aren’t perfect, but I think they’re great, and I actually prefer the PBT and lack of weeblegends.