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127 Keys Wavez Sonic Design Sublimation PBT Infestation Carving Keycaps with Cherry 3000 for Mechanical Gaming Keyboard?

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16th Oct 2020

I am looking to get my girlfriend a nice set of keycaps for her keyboard for Christmas. We are aware of what some of the better keysets are out there (GMK, ePBT, SA, KAT, Infinikey, etc.), but she is not amazed by the upcoming options/availability. She really likes the design of GMK Hammerhead Dark and GMK Wavez, but we don’t have the budget right now to buy a set from r/mechmarket.

I saw this set of keycaps on amazon that has a similar design to GMK Wavez, but I have never heard of the manufacturer before and am therefore wary to buy this set.


They seem like a decent dye-subbed PBT set, but I wanted to check with the community before jumping the gun. I’d be happy to consider any recommendations that you have for similar looking designs. Thank you in advance!