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110-Pack 24k Gold-Plated Steel Custom Cherry MX Springs for Cherry Gateron MX switches Replacement (62g)?

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Some springs are pretty pingy which is what makes them a “bad spring” I would say your best bet would be some gold-plated springs. https://www.amazon.com/110pcs-lot-Gold-plated-Springs-switches-Replacement/dp/B0723HNS6G/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=gold+plated+switch+spring&qid=1623126344&sr=8-1

They are from YMDK which I have bought from multiple times and they don’t dissapoint. Hope this helped!

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23rd Nov 2019

I wanna make my 67g Zealios lighter. Would these or these from YMDK on Amazon be OK?

Or should I get Sprit springs? In which case, should I order them directly from Sprit or get them on Mechanicalkeyboards.com?