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110-Pack 24k Gold-Plated Steel Custom Cherry MX Springs for Cherry Gateron MX switches Replacement (60g)?

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5th Sep 2021

My apologies for the terrible video quality, I think the iPad camera didn’t like the LEDs or 120Hz monitor, not really sure.

Keyboard is a GMMK full size with Glorious Panda that have been lubed and had the springs replaced. I wanted a slightly lighter spring, but found that the 45g springs I initially tried to not be enough to return the larger keys fast enough. I settled on 60g springs from Amazon. As I was cleaning everything after a spill of hot, milky, sugary tea, I opted to also try some foam, also from Amazon, which really seemed to improve the sound.

However, I’m not sure if this is really considered “thocc-y” so I wanted to ask everyone’s opinions. I know that the full size keebs aren’t well-liked among a lot of folks, but I’m kinda proud of what I’ve done so far 🙂

I’m also considering some EPDM foam for under the PCB. (The foam I added was in between the PCB and the top of the keyboard)

Thank you for reading and watching!