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104 Key SA Profile Double Shot Shine Through PBT ABS Ball Shape Keycaps Suitable for Standard MX 104 87 61 Keyboard (Red Black) (Only Keycap)?

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9th Jul 2021

Wanted to throw this out there for anyone looking into this board.
So far, I’ve been in love with it.

Generally, I’m not the type to go out of my way to get deep into the keyboard modding world as I think it’s cool, but costly.
I came across this on Facebook not long ago, and they were offering it for review in exchange for stuff.
Wound up picking it up, it’s been my main since.

[Switches] H&J Optical Reds – They’ve just average MX Red clones, but maybe feel a tad bit stiffer than your average MX Red clone.
I’m not familiar with the H&J Branding however.

[Case] This one tripped me up, but it’s not your average China-clone case. It’s a bit more rounded off, and on the second screw right-side, uses a longer philips screw that’s different from the others, and from what I can tell I believe it’s proprietary.

[Keycaps] YMDK SA Profile [Link To Caps] – From what I understand, they’re GSA, not SA.
Fit without issue, though I believe the MX stems being used here are a tiny wider than your average.

Apart from strange layout language with the FN key to activate features, it’s your average 60% , but plays nicer by being optical, I’ve come to the conclusion that placebo has taken over my brain and I prefer optical switches a bit more now. There’s a hairline of a difference, you can vaguely feel it, but it’s not something you’re just going to get in and notice right away.

The board felt plain without a case that matches, so I gave my first hand at a hydro dip and seen how that went. So far so good.

Over all, I can definitely recommend it for your average consumer who doesn’t care about the deep innerworkings of the mechanical keyboard space and wants a board that’s just going to do that job. It’s great for that, and gaming, but that’s about all I can really say to push you in its direction, otherwise just pass it up.

Hopefully this helps anyone who’s been looking at this board.