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100% Talalay Latex Pillow with GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Cover (Queen Size, Medium), Bed Pillow for Sleeping, for Back and Side Sleepers, Helps for Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain?

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14th Mar 2018

Once I went to latex pillows I never looked back this is my favorite so far. Im a side sleeper and latex pillows offer the perfect amount of support to keep my spine in line while still feeling very soft. Latex pillows have a very unique springy quality to them. Mine is still as springy and shaped exactly the same as the first day I bought it. In general I would say pillows are not something you want to own for life. But if you get a good pillow protector I would defintiely say it’s as close to a bifl item as a pillow will get. Worth mentioning; there is a several night break in period where it is just a little to stiff, after that it’s like having your head on a cloud. An added bonus is my head doesn’t get nearly as hot as when I use other type of pillows.