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100% Authentic Smoke Buddy Bundled with Two Exclusive Destroyer Plastics Odor Proof Tubes One Large One Small (Smoke Buddy Original, Cares)?

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22nd Nov 2020

Sounds like you need a smoke buddy my friend. Me and my gf smoke indoors all the time and never have a problem with the smell thanks to this as long as you’re using glass. Joints and blunts are a different story.

Smoke Buddy

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11th Jan 2021

A smoke buddy and a smoke eliminating candle are what I use to cut down on smell when smoking inside.



Make sure you use these correctly. You have to breathe slowly through the smoke buddy and have the candle lit for awhile before you start/after you finish smoking for it to work. I use these when smoking and dabbing inside and they seem to cut down on smell a fair bit.