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100% Additive-free! Rice Bran Enzyme Makeup Remover powder Face Hands wash 85g?

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13th Nov 2020

If you like their other scents, I am sure this one will be fine! Hahaha. And yeah, man…dabbling with that line was hard! I don’t need anything right now, and it is above my usual priceline….ahhhh but New and Shiny!! So tempting… especially because I love the effects of the other line, and to have the white line not have fragrance …ahhhh!!
RIP Sum 37 Rose for real. I think Minnade Miraio Rice Bran Face Wash is a decent alternative for traveling. The suisai enzyme pods are popular here, too, but that’s just way too much plastic waste/used up space for me, and they’re spendy, too!