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【Upgraded】 Digital Calendar Alarm Day Clock – with 8″ Large Screen Display, am pm, 5 Alarm, for Extra Large Impaired Vision People, The Aged Seniors, The Dementia, for Desk, Wall Mounted, White?

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21st Dec 2021

My sleep schedule has always been terrible, so I look at my bedside clock, and if it says Wednesday, that’s sheets day! I can’t do more than weekly intervals because I’ll get confused.

As soon as I get up, I take off the sheets and pillowcases and pillow protectors, head into the laundry room, dump them all into their very own laundry basket (I have 10 baskets total in the places I’m most likely to toss whatever on the floor, so I also have zero excuses) and get replacements from the same area. I wash mattress protector #1 monthly.

I have a lot of sheet sets, so I don’t wash them until the hamper is about to overflow into the one beside it – mostly because it bothers me since that hamper is for cleaning rags and I don’t want to ruin my sheets. Annoyance is a good motivator for me 🙂

Making sure to get the laundry transferred, dried, and not stuffed into random drawers or cubes when I did wash was a problem. I didn’t want to connect the appliances to my wifi at first, but the app notifies me when the laundry is done and if it’s been left too long. The phone timer was inaccurate because the washer and dryer adjust the times as they wash or dry, but if it’s all you have, it’s better than nothing.

Although I don’t use it much, I realized that I was going too long cleaning my quilt because I didn’t want to possibly ruin it. I splurge every 6 months and pay the 20 bucks to have the dry cleaner wash it. It doesn’t get soiled because I use a flat sheet, but it gets dusty.

Oh, and potential tip: Only use white sheets. If you go longer than a couple of weeks, they will get so disgusting that you’ll be like “I’m pretty sure these sheets aren’t beige, blergh” and wash them lol